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About the authors
Olivier Terrien & Jérôme Muguet

Olivier Terrien is an electronics systems engineer in the defense sector. Active member of Guerrelec, French Chapter of the international Association of Old Crows (AOC), he is an Auditor for France’s Institution of Advanced Studies of National Defence (IHEDN). Passionate about History, he is seeking to raise awareness among a broad public about today's omnipresent electronics. 

Universe of his other books to raise awareness: and


Jerome Muguet is an advertising designer, transforming ideas into illustrations and animations. On the strength of his initial training as an architect, he likes to make complexity simple.

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of the project

Electronics has been playing a role in our daily lives for more than 100 years. Discreet, but it has become omnipresent. Technical, it is a new environment in which Man expresses his desire to dominate, and therefore his need for protection. The eternal struggle between sword and shield is perpetuated.
Two crows attempt to surpass each other. They reproduce this endless struggle that is now taking place in the electromagnetic spectrum. This illustrated book gives the reader a fun way to discover this realm. An original approach that gives a new lease of life to the 36 Stratagems used for centuries.
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Stratagem No.10
Stratagem No.24
Stratagem No.29
Goody "Papertoy"

This book is published for the AOC's 50th anniversary (Association of Old Crows). In his preface, the president of AOC International underlines: "examples intended for younger audiences, but that adults will also find useful in explaining our realm of warfare to the uninitiated".

Example of an illustrated stratagem.

"Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" or conceal a dishonest intention behind a friendly smile is the principle illustrated in this double page.

Example of an illustrated stratagem.

"Repay good with evil" is the principle illustrated in this double page.

Example of an illustrated stratagem.

"Appaering to be numerous does not mean you are numerous" is the principle illustrated in this double page.

Example of an goody.

Puzzle, poster, mug, papertoy, balloon and postcard are some examples of goodies declined for our project.

Bibliography of the 36 Stratagems

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the authors

Olivier TERRIEN & Jerome MUGUET
BP 10066

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